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5 Tips to give your house a makeover when selling

When selling your home, you should be concerned with the impressions they have or make on the buyer. Everything has to be inch perfect so as to captivate the buyer at first sight and thereafter leave a lasting impression. The look, the smell, and the feeling around your home should be attractive. This, of course, might require a little makeover, a little tweak here and there to ensure perfect attraction. Here are some tips that will help you give your house a makeover when selling.

Improve the lighting and colour

Make good use of your windows to let the light bounce in. Let the light shine through with furnishings in light hues and tables with glass shiny marble tabletops. Add a mirror that is big enough to bring outdoor in and ensure you improve the ambience of the interior house. Avoid the use of dark wallpaper colour or dull wall art. Use more of lighter wallpaper that brings a bit of candour into the house and employs beautiful wall art to increase attractiveness. Also, avoid using having paints as this tend to evoke a sense of compactness instead go for lighter contrasts to make your home appear airier and spacious. Add some neutral Art to the walls to add further attractive detail.
A focal point: the fireplace

While effective decorations of your living room depending on its size and shape, the concept of a focal point makes it easier to place other objects which compliment themselves around it. If you don’t have then I’ll advise you get a perfect one such as the fireplace. Having an attractive centrepiece can dramatically increase the beauty of your room and also enhance its sellability. You should pay special attention to your fireplace as people usually gather around them during family gathering or parties, especially in cold season. An attractive fireplace tends to draw the admiration of all who come to your home and this can really make a buyer break the bank for your house. They can be bought in a wide variety of budgets these days and don’t need to cost the earth.
Improve the floor space and cover

One of the easiest tricks to make a house more appealing to a buyer is to make the house look bigger with lots of floor area and an exquisite floor cover. Replace worn out carpets with new and attractive ones. Buy a small size furniture to replace the bigger ones that take up more space. Place furniture against the wall so you have a little more space to move around. Create room for transparency, buy glass dining tables instead of wooden types, set smaller couches in a way and manner that won’t call for much space consumption. It makes your house look bigger and more sellable.
Enhance Air flow: remove the clutter.

Get rid of much clutter as possible. Place things where they need to be; are those wall frames really necessary? Or do they just overshadow other items by taking up a huge portion of the wall space?
There may be a need to declutter and adjust, to accommodate new additions. A well-arranged house is a well-ventilated house and this alone can catch your buyer’s interest. A house that promises unrestricted airflow has a more selling potential than a cluttered up home. So do away with unnecessary items and enhance airflow in your home.
Take away the ‘home’ in your house.
There are lots of personal stuff which you have bought over the years to make your house habitable for you. You may need to remove all of such items from the house you want to sell. Depersonalize as much as possible so that it becomes a place where buyers are able to see themselves living. Your personal photograph will not enhance sellability so it should be replaced with more generic wall arts. Bring in lush plants with a more general relevance to expel every smell of you. Add fresh scents using beautiful scent candles. These scents according to studies have a way of disrupting buyers thought process and before long, you have them dancing to your tunes.
Happy selling!!
This article was written by Canvas Prints Brisbane.